O Giitchi Da

Red Wolf Mediation & ADR O Giitchi Da (Big Heart) Service

Let us take the FEAR out of conflict

Focus on the growth, and sustainability of your First Nation, Non Profit or Business

Why should you create an O Giitchi Da Service in your First Nation, Non-Profit or Business?

1) Enhance your First Nation, Non Profit or Business reputation of valuing trust, transparency and accountability so that you will ultimately help attract, retain and engage employees.

2) Create a confidential safe place for Chief and Council, CEO’s, Executive Directors, Band Administrators and employees to address their issues and concerns and evaluate their options.

3) Develop an early warning system that can identify and resolve problems before they become costly.

4) An independent and informal way to address workplace concerns and resolve issues. Whether you are looking for a way to improve competency and productivity in your workplace or need help managing your employee’s needs.

RWM & ADR O Giitchi Da Service

Offers an opportunity for the leadership and your employees to discuss workplace concerns and resolve issues in a private and confidential manner. Whether mediating disputes or helping you to plan and practice for a difficult conversation, O Giitchi Da supports are there to advocate for fairness while listening to and supporting Leadership, CEO’s, Executive Directors,Chief and Council, Band Managers and Employees from all levels of your First Nation who are dealing with deeply rooted, problematic issues. Time to get pro-active in resolving conflicts.

Our O Giitchi Da Services include the following:

•Understanding Personal and Organizational Conflict Management Systems

•Team Building Workshop/Training

• Culturally Sensitive Mediation and Mediation Training

▪ Dealing with Difficult People Workshop/Training

▪ Traditional Teachings and Healing Circles

▪ Facilitation i.e. Community Conflict

▪ Conflict Coaching for Leadership and Staff

▪ Crisis Intervention

▪ Conflict Resolution Training

▪ Provides early identification of systemic issues

▪ Quarterly Reporting

RWM & ADR Services O Giitchi Da Basic Package per annum

Meant for Chief and Council , CEO’s. Executive Director’s, Band Administrators, SME’s, and Not-for-Profit organizations. Includes a one-day Workplace Fairness Assessment with suggestions for improvement on an annual basis – plus 40 hours of executive service (chosen by you from our list of O Giitchi Da services).* The RW & ADR Service O Giitchi Da will provide you with various tools to address conflict, improve communication and move forward as a team.

 Red Wolf Mediation & ADR Services also offers a Virtual O Giitchi Da Office. 

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